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May 22nd 2024


πŸš€ Continue after step failure

Now you can decide if your test should continue even if a step fails, applicable to any test step.

πŸ” New assertion type

Add an assertion step to check the content of a variable, ensuring stored values match expectations.

✨ Keyboard shortcuts

Use Ctrl+Alt+Number (1-9) for quick actions in the BugBug test recording overlay -Β also visible when hovering over the menu item.

Happy (automated) testing!

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March 8th 2024


We've added a new GitHub integration to streamline your testing within CI/CD pipelines even more. You can now get a real-time feedback within your repository and identify issues immediately.

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December 19th 2023


πŸš€ New data storage provider

We have migrated to a new data storage, which will reduce test execution time by up to 20%. In addition, it is also expected to improve stability and reduce the number of tests that fail with the ERROR status.

πŸ› οΈ Improved group naming

Now you can have multiple groups with the same name in a test or project.

Thanks a lot Marius for your contribution!

✨ Stripe form recording

Stripe form recording now works out of the box without manual test adjustments.

Happy (automated) testing!

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November 30th 2023

πŸš€ From now on, you can seamlessly test third party login flows.

No more pop-up recording hassles – pop-ups now open as tabs for simpler testing. Say goodbye to switching windows!

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November 20th 2023


πŸ”² Pop-up recording now supported

Test recording now handles pop-up windows, enabling seamless auth integrations with popular OAuth providers.

πŸ”„ Introducing "Reload Page" step
Simplify workflows with the new "Reload Page" step, which eliminates the need for custom JS scripts to reload pages.

✨ Email alerts now include "retries"

Get a clearer picture of test suite stability after each scheduled run.

Happy (automated) testing!

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October 31st 2023

We've added a new Slack integration to elevate your testing to a whole new level.

You can now track your failed test runs, scheduled suites result, get instant notification about unexpected errors and many more.

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