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Move the BugBug tool recording panel to another window

This one more specifically: I would prefer to have this in another window instead the incognito window that is running/recording the test.When running a test locally, could it be moved inside the page of the test being executed, the one with the steps?Here's a scenario that is a bit annoying for me:I click on "Run and stop here" somewhere in the middle of my testThe test executes up until that point and stopsThe BugBug recording tool panel is in this state:It can sometimes happen that the place where I stop the test will have a modal already open in our softwareWhen I click the "Start recording" button, that will be registered as a "click outside" for our software modal which will close the modalSo now I need to reopen the modal in our software, which leads to unnecessary recording of steps (the ones to open again the modal in our software)By moving the BugBug recording panel from the incognito window to another one, not only would I avoid the above scenario, but I wouldn't need to move it around in case it covers certain elements in our software (and these movements can also register as "clicks outside" that can trigger modals closing).And for more flexibility, maybe this could be a setting so user can choose depending on their preference?I fully understand this is an edge case and might need a lot of rethinking of the current system, so for me this is a low prio feature request. :)

Marius COJOCARIU About 1 month ago


"Page will navigate after step execution" project wide condition

This is something I've reported to the BugBug Support, and I thought I'd make a feedback request for it. I've noticed for quite a long time that in a lot of our tests that contain simple actions such as clicks, there's sometimes almost 30 seconds delays for each such step due to the condition "Page will navigate after step execution".I checked the documentation for this waiting condition: https://docs.bugbug.io/preventing-failed-tests/waiting-conditions#page-will-navigate-after-step-executionIf possible, I would like to request the option to disable this waiting condition on a project level, since now it's only possible to do it on a step by step basis.I don't know yet what the ramifications of disabling this step would be. I would love to explore running a full testsuite execution of ours with it disabled, but disabling this for each step of our tests would take an insane amount of time (not to mention enabling it back again), so a simple project level Enabled/Disabled would be useful.By having this condition disabled, we hope to cut down on execution time.

Marius COJOCARIU About 1 month ago


Ability to open "Go to test" in a new browser tab

At the moment, while looking at a test execution results, there is an option on the top right for "Go to test". This button unfortunately redirects to the test in the same browser page.My flow in general is to have the execution history in a tab and the test itself in a separate tab/window, so I do this:Open test execution twice in two tabsIn first tab keep the test execution pageIn second page click on "Go to test"This way I have both at hand so I can reference the failure point from the execution (first tab)The above isn't very intuitive though, and for me the simpler solution would be to make the "Go to test" button right clickable, to bring the browser context so that I can "Open in a new tab" the actual test:

Marius COJOCARIU About 2 months ago


Add more custom settings in Schedule settings

I would like the ability to define even more specific scenarios for when I want my suites to be executed via scheduler and for how long. As a real scenario example, in my project, we want to keep track of when the market is open and when it's closed. I would like to have my tests running for a certain period and stop when I say so. Right now the options we have work but are limited or not exactly what I would like to achieve.Would love to see more options in the future for custom hours (start and end date) and custom dates. For this last part, it would be helpful If I could define specific dates for when the suite needs to be triggered. For example:I have suite example 1I want to execute that suite every 2 weeks or 3 weeks I want to execute that suite for example on days 13, 18, and 20 of month X.I would like the ability to go for example in a calendar and mark the days where I want that suite to execute via scheduler.

Wilker Augusto About 2 months ago