"Page will navigate after step execution" project wide condition

This is something I've reported to the BugBug Support, and I thought I'd make a feedback request for it.

I've noticed for quite a long time that in a lot of our tests that contain simple actions such as clicks, there's sometimes almost 30 seconds delays for each such step due to the condition "Page will navigate after step execution".

I checked the documentation for this waiting condition: https://docs.bugbug.io/preventing-failed-tests/waiting-conditions#page-will-navigate-after-step-execution

If possible, I would like to request the option to disable this waiting condition on a project level, since now it's only possible to do it on a step by step basis.

I don't know yet what the ramifications of disabling this step would be. I would love to explore running a full testsuite execution of ours with it disabled, but disabling this for each step of our tests would take an insane amount of time (not to mention enabling it back again), so a simple project level Enabled/Disabled would be useful.

By having this condition disabled, we hope to cut down on execution time.

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