Add more custom settings in Schedule settings

I would like the ability to define even more specific scenarios for when I want my suites to be executed via scheduler and for how long.

As a real scenario example, in my project, we want to keep track of when the market is open and when it's closed. I would like to have my tests running for a certain period and stop when I say so.

Right now the options we have work but are limited or not exactly what I would like to achieve.

Would love to see more options in the future for custom hours (start and end date) and custom dates. For this last part, it would be helpful If I could define specific dates for when the suite needs to be triggered. For example:

  • I have suite example 1

  • I want to execute that suite every 2 weeks or 3 weeks

  • I want to execute that suite for example on days 13, 18, and 20 of month X.

I would like the ability to go for example in a calendar and mark the days where I want that suite to execute via scheduler.

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27 days ago


Wilker Augusto

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