Ability to open "Go to test" in a new browser tab

At the moment, while looking at a test execution results, there is an option on the top right for "Go to test".

This button unfortunately redirects to the test in the same browser page.

My flow in general is to have the execution history in a tab and the test itself in a separate tab/window, so I do this:

  1. Open test execution twice in two tabs

  2. In first tab keep the test execution page

  3. In second page click on "Go to test"

  4. This way I have both at hand so I can reference the failure point from the execution (first tab)

The above isn't very intuitive though, and for me the simpler solution would be to make the "Go to test" button right clickable, to bring the browser context so that I can "Open in a new tab" the actual test:

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25 days ago



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