More customization options for "Variables" section

I would find it very useful to be able to have more control over the "Variables" section content, more precisely on the way to view the data in here.

At the moment the data in these tabs have their items as "fixed" cards:

  • "Built-in Variables"

  • "Custom variables"

  • "Profiles"

This view is really rigid and I can't organize it intuitively according to my needs.

I would like to be able to do at least one (more is better) action from the following:

  • Display as a list + filtering

  • Display as a table + filtering

  • Drag and drop items

  • Organize per folder

My use case is the following: I currently use a very important component for initiating a specific set of variables. These variables are used in almost 50 different tests, but their values are static, so the same at all times no matter the test being executed (they are basically First/Last names for certain entities).

My issue is that this component keeps expanding, it currently has 28 steps, each one a variable, and they are currently being initialized at the beginning of each of these 50 tests.

I was thinking that since they are static values, I could migrate them from this component inside the "Variables" section of my project, so that I save up on execution time without a need to keep initializing them in each test.

But moving 28 new variables in the "Custom variables" tab would make this section quite difficult to manage and filter without any options to organize it to my needs.

Even without these new 28 variables, at the moment the "Custom variables" is quite difficult to organize since this is the place where we put our test account emails, environment urls, and other important information.

I would like to be able to organize this section easier and better. With this, I would actually change my mindset on initializing my static variables using this dedicated section, instead of pilling them inside components.

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